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Lisa Vitiello State Farm Agent

Lisa Vitiello State Farm® Insurance Agent


No one likes to entertain ideas about death. But taking the time now to secure a life insurance policy with State Farm is a way to extend care to the people you're closest to if you're gone.


Choosing the right life insurance coverage is made easier when you work with State Farm Agent Lisa Vitiello. Lisa Vitiello is the compassionate person you need to consider all your life insurance needs. So if tragedy strikes, the beneficiary you designate in your policy will help your family or the people you're closest to with current and future needs such as ongoing expenses, home repair costs, and medical expenses. And you can rest easy knowing that Lisa Vitiello can help you submit your claim so the death benefit is presented quickly and properly. When you and your family are covered by State Farm, you can rest easy knowing that even if the worst comes to pass, your loved ones will be protected. Call or go online today and find out how State Farm agent Lisa Vitiello can meet your life insurance needs.

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